Property Watch


Property Watch is another exclusive Smart offering designed to give you peace of mind and assurance. Sometimes the probate process is dragging out or you just don't know what you want to do with the real estate yet. Maybe the heirs or others can't agree so it is taking some time. The Smart Property Watch is the solution for you. We do an initial assessment of the property condition, take pictures, check locks, windows and more. Then we re-inspect the property periodically where we complete our comprehensive checklist, take pictures and provide comments.

This gives you peace of mind as we visit your property to look for any obvious health and safety, security, HOA or local government issues on a regular basis. We watch out for your property looking for the things that could cause you problems and head them off early on. This is all about making it easy and giving you assurance about the property.

Property Watch is offered free of charge with any of our 90 Day Guarantee Sale or Fix and List agreement This also can be purchased as a standalone product.

The Specifics

Smart sends out one of our Watchers to your property on a predetermined schedule. They have a list of items that they check for. They complete the report and take photos or video to send to you. If any urgent issues are evident, we will give you a call immediately. Otherwise, we email you the report that same day and are available at your convenience for any questions or special requests.

The cost of the service depends on the frequency of the inspection.

The Advantages

• Have someone with expertise in the field of owning vacant properties take a look and give your peace of mind knowing the current state of the property.
• Head off fines from HOA and local government which could save you more than the cost of the service.
• Make sure that the property is properly maintained while vacant...
• Lawn is maintained
• Utilities set at proper temperature / Lights on timer, if applicable
• No Water or appliance leaks
• Doors and windows secure
• Outside perimeter secure / deterrents established.
• No obvious safety risks that could cause you a liability
• Full report every time one of our people visit the property. This report includes pictures or video.