Property Management


Some estates wish to keep the property or multiple properties for a period of time and lease them out for income. Sometimes it is a short-term decision until the long-term strategy is figured out. The details of managing a property are cumbersome, especially when you are responsible for the estate. That's why it makes sense to hire Smart. For a nominal monthly fee, we handle all of the details.

Smart manages all of the tenant and property issues so that you can have peace of mind and just collect your rents every month.


• Earn income on the property.
• Minimal time investments as we keep you updated on the property.
• Property values typically increase over time. Cash out at a later point.
• Buys time until you can either move into the property or decide what you would like to do with it.
• It is not good to let a property sit vacant for a long period of time.
• Free Property Watch, Utility and Concierge Services with a Property Management Agreement.

Process is simple

Call us to have us do a rent assessment. We will first look at the property condition for any recommended repairs, security issues or improvements to help marketability.

Once we consult with you and get your approval, we handle everything. We will either take over the existing tenants or market for new tenants at the rate you agree to. We will collect the rents, handle tenant issues, contracts, repairs, and keep you updated on the property.