Quick Cash Closing


Quick Cash Sale is a great option for you if you need cash immediately or just want the convenience of moving on quickly. We buy the property for a competitive quick sale price to give you all cash usually in 7 days or less. This is best for heirs who have bills to pay for the estate, have immediate cash needs or need to simplify quickly. This is by far the easiest way to sell your home.


• Property is purchased "As Is", no cleaning, lawn clean up, repairs etc.
• No appraisals or other contingencies.
• Less paperwork
• No Realtor commissions to pay. This saves you 5 -6% of the sales price.
• Get your cash quick, often within 7 days of going into contract.
• No additional taxes, insurance, HOA fees, utilities or mortgage payments after actual close date.
• Can start with another program and easily switch to QUICK CASH SALE.
• Most simple and easy

What can you Expect?

The offer price is dependent on the property condition, area values, average market time, supply and demand for similar types of homes. Typically you can expect to net approximately 8-15% less than you may receive by listing the property, fixing all of the required repairs, awaiting the financing and closing. It can get frustrating because the buyers could fall out due to loan, job or buyer's remorse issues. Or they may insist on certain repairs to be completed. It can go very smoothly but life does happen, especially in real estate. The typical time difference between a QUICK CASH SALE and a typical listing is about 2-4 months.

The process is very simple...

We can usually get a cash offer to you within 24 hours of your request.

Just call us to get the process started. We will drive out to property, look at the condition and work up an offer. We will call you with the results and follow up with an email outlining our phone conversation.

We will use this information to provide recommendations for our other solutions as well.

We forward a standard California Realtor contract to review and sign. Once we receive contract back, we handle everything from there.

You will receive closing documents from the escrow company in approximately 4 to 5 days. Just sign the closing documents, return them to the escrow company and you will receive your check or wire within 48 hours of the time they receive the documents back.