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Ready to become Executor or Administrator?

We’ll help you fill out your required forms and track your probate’s progress.

We start by helping you fill out your Petition for Letters, get your estate inventoried and appraised, and work with your probate referee. We send required notice forms to estate creditors and assist you in approving or denying their claims. In the end, we help you with the documentation needed to distribute property, close the probate case, and move on — Job Complete.

And, you get all this help for a fraction of what an attorney would charge. So, if you’re ready to get started on a loved one’s probate, we’re ready to lend a helping hand.

Our $4500 probate package — less than an attorney! — includes all the support and official forms you need
for an uncontested probate process.

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Probate Process

Month | Action
Get Started
| Prepare your “Petition for Letters”
| Publish Notice
| Meet Judge, get appointed
Deal with Debts
| Notify Creditors
| Creditors’ Claim window is closed
| Reject or Pay Claims
Collect Assets
| Prepare Inventory
| Request Appraisal
| File Appraisal
| Request Permission to Distribute
| Distribute!
| Gather and File Receipts
Finish Up
| All done? Get off the hook and close it down

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